• Wipes Warmer

      ?Heating plate designed at the top?2 settings for hot and warm temperature?4pcs LED night lights, auto power off after 10mins?Keep wipes wet by adding water (about 100ml), easy operation?Spring loaded  to support wet wipes for easy extraction easy to be removed for cleaning purpose)?Capacity: 80pcs wet wipes?Convenient use in winter for babies and the olds?Powered by adaptor (input 100-240V output 12V1A)

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    • Humidifier

      ?1.2 Gallon capacity for 10-14 hour operation   ?Produce comfortable hot mist into air, warm up the room temperature                                                                           ?Design with a sink for fragrance slice                                                       ?Built in night light for convenient use?Removable tank for easy filling?Automatic water shortage protection ?120V AC power

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    • Facial Steamer

      ?With a face mask to tone and moisten face skin,improve complexion and increase natural radiance?With a nose inhaler to create a steady flow ofwarm steam to soothe irritated nose and throatpassages safely and naturally?Length of nose inhaler and output volume is adjustable  ?By PTC heating: mist out after 5-min-heating?Auto power off after 20mins ?Tank volume: 60ml for 45-minute-use?Voltage: 120/230VAC, 60Hz, 60W

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