• UY18097 3D Shiatsu Foot Massager ( with air pressure and heat )

      ? Auto timer: 15mins? Selected timer: 10/15/20mins? 3 massage modes:P1, P2, P3P1: Both sole roller massage and pressure massage are on P2: The sole roller massage is off while the pressure massage is onP3: The pressure massage is off while the sole roller massage is on? 3 intensity levels;L1, L2, L3The default intensity is set at middle after turning it on.L2 (middle) - L3 (high) - L1 (low).? With heat function? Foot rolling massage and air pressure massage? Adapter input: 100-240V; Output: DC12V, 2.5A

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    • UY16019 Relaxation Bath Roller

      ?Foot Roller with nodes for foot massaging after long walk, ?Promote blood circulation.  ?With suction cup for easy to fix anywhere you want like bathtub, footbath, glass or floor   ?Light, portable and easy to use

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    • UY15025 Multi Foot Relaxation Due

      ?Vibration massage to release and promote blood circulation .?3 massage nodes for 360 degree rolling massage?With heat function to keep warm, can be selected.?Auto power off after 15mins?Pwoered by adaptor (input AC 100-240V, Output DC12V 1A)

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    • UY8060Z Multi-Function Massage Cushion

      ? 4 elastic massage heads provide 3D enjoy of shiatsu ? Fixing strap specially for hands and feet leveraging? With infrared heating and kneading(rotation speed: 30+3RPM),one button to control? With set forward and reverse rotation massage, 1min automatic exchange? With home adaptor and car adaptor? Auto power off after 20 minutes? Adaptor Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.8A Output: DC12V, 2.5A   30W

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